Several characteristics of self drilling anchor bolt

Several characteristics of self drilling anchor bolt

In general,anchor bolt and anchor cable is the most often used measures for protecting the stability of slope. But in the construction whatever use the large or small drilling machine, in order not to break the hole, you must use the casing ,this is virtually increase working hours. Especially drilling in the crushing zone or […]

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Sinorock Visitor Team in AIMEX


The 2017 Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) came to an end on August 31st,Sinorock sent visitor team to Australia and visited the exhibition. AIMEX is one of the largest mining exhibition in the Asia Pacific region and one of the three largest mining exhibitions in the world, which founded in 1970. The exhibition took place […]

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Sinorock®’s staff promotion ceremony —— Grow and win-win,towards excellence


On August 23rd, the staff promotion ceremony of Sinorock was successfully held in Luoyang administrative area. The ceremony was mainly promotion and awards for six excellent employees. The TV screen showed respectively the development trajectories of zhang Xiaoyue, Wei Jingru, zhang Weihao, Xiao Zhiguang, zhang Lina and Xu Jianfen. There are the talented woman and […]

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Sinorock organized staff to participate in fire knowledge training

fire knowledge training

Safety and quality are the eternal theme of industrial enterprises. Sinorock attaches importance to product quality, because product quality can protect customer construction safety, the same, the company also attaches importance to the safety of all employees. Just over the quality month activities, on August 19, the company ushered in the Henan Provincial Fire Brigade […]

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Application of self drilling anchor bolt in deep foundation pit

self drilling anchor

In recent years, a large number of deep foundation pit had been constructed in the city, poor urban drainage system caused the roads water- logging, if deep foundation pit position low-lying, weak blocking drainage measures may lead to adverse water flow backward, which bring about foundation pit soaked by water immersion, to the foundation pit […]

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Sinorock®’s Quality-Month Warning Meeting

Warning Meeting

Quality is the life and soul of the enterprise. Only high-quality products can make consumers leave a good impression on the enterprise. Quality is essential for the long-term development of an enterprise. Only with the facts and data to speak and with the quality to expand the market, an enterprise can be overcoming all obstacles […]

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Problems and improvement’s suggestions for self drilling anchor in mine

elf drilling anchor in mine

The supporting of self drilling anchor bar is an active form of support, which has the advantages such as good supporting effect,low cost,etc,which represents the development direction of the roadway bolting technology, greatly simplifies the coal working face end support and advanced support process, it ensure the safety of coal production. It has created favorable […]

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