Application of self drilling anchor bolt in deep foundation pit

self drilling anchor

In recent years, a large number of deep foundation pit had been constructed in the city, poor urban drainage system caused the roads water- logging, if deep foundation pit position low-lying, weak blocking drainage measures may lead to adverse water flow backward, which bring about foundation pit soaked by water immersion, to the foundation pit […]

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Problems and improvement’s suggestions for self drilling anchor in mine

elf drilling anchor in mine

The supporting of self drilling anchor bar is an active form of support, which has the advantages such as good supporting effect,low cost,etc,which represents the development direction of the roadway bolting technology, greatly simplifies the coal working face end support and advanced support process, it ensure the safety of coal production. It has created favorable […]

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Hollow self drill anchor is used for pre-support in in weak ground conditions

Sinorock self drilling rock bolt

The advantages of hollow self drilling anchor – Hollow self drilling anchor combines functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring, is an advanced anchoring and support system, which can solve problem of hole collapse and ensure grouting effect under complex geological condition. At aspects of bending resistance, shearing strength and surface bonding, hollow drilling rock bolt […]

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Bangalore’s Gottigere–Swagath Road Section

hollow bar for constructions

In late-2016, the 18.80 km RV Road–Bommasandra line was put forward, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. has now also initiated the Bangalore Metro’s new 21.25 km Gottigere–Nagawara line under the 72 km Phase 2 project. Its 7.50 km elevated viaduct in south Bangalore from Gottigere to Swagath Road Cross includes 5 new stations, Gottigere, […]

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Sinorock injection anchor system suits for the soils which are difficult to drill holes

injection anchor system

Solve the problem that broken into a hole and quick make a hole safely in the rock mass is the important achievement of the construction, the construction process in strict accordance with the “advance guard, short excavation, weak blasting, spray anchor, frequently measure” principle, slowly but surely, step-by-step. Self drilling injection anchor combines drilling, grouting […]

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Four tips in the construction process of self drilling anchor bolt

anchor bolt

As an efficient anchoring method, self drilling anchor bolt is used in complicated, loose and broken geological condition. It’s also widely applied to pre-support project, radial support project, slope stabilization, foundation support project, roadway support project, soil nail wall, back pull anchor rod retaining wall and other rock supporting work. There are 4 tips in […]

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General Requirements of Self Drilling Anchor Bar’s Tension

self drilling anchor bar

The purpose of self drilling anchor bar’s tension is to make free section produce elastic deformation through tensioning equipment, which can exert prestress value for anchoring structure. Its general requirements are as following: 1. Tensioning equipment should be chosen according to material and locking force of self drilling anchor bar. 2. Before tensioning, tensioning equipment […]

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